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home$autoEveryone has seen the commercials on TV with a cute slogan, celebrity endorsement, or just a flat out funny one liner…but what happens when the TV gets turned off and you have a personal insurance claim? Evins Insurance doesn’t just provide you with a competitive price, we make sure you understand the importance of what you’re buying. How much liability coverage do I need? Do I really need full coverage on my vehicle? What happens now that I’ve been in an accident? Give us a call to find out the answers to these questions.


You found the real estate agent to guide you to the bank, you found the right banker to lead you to the money, and now you have need to find the right insurance agency to guide you to protection. For most people, a home purchase will be the single most expensive purchase in their lifetime. You need an agency to step in and explain the many traps of a homeowners policy that if overlooked can lead to major problems down the road. From jewelry to guns, earthquakes to hail storms, there many variables to consider. Make sure you are educated.

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