Many agents will wait until renew time to see if your payroll needs to be adjusted, which can tie up a lot of your hard earned money or can cost you a large lump sum. Not this Agent! I will contact you once a quarter. During this time I can discover how your business is performing and whether or not we need to adjust for a tough financial season or a profitable one.


In the same manner that an accountant changes calculators, I understand that your business often requires the buying and selling of new automobiles & equipment. In an effort to complete a large project, you might forget to call your agent and make an insurance endorsement. By conducting a quarterly auto/equipment audit, I can help alleviate this potential problem.


If there’s one thing contractor’s hate dealing with it’s having the burden of sending out multiple certificate of insurance every year at renewal time (often to the same people). With my advanced spreadsheet documentation, I make it simple to shift this burden 100% to my shoulders. All we have to do is fill out the company name and phone number and I will take care of all arrangements prior to your renewal date. While you are out there making money, the last thing you need is to be burdened with paperwork!


Contractor Enhancements:

1- Audit Controls:

 A- Quarterly Payroll Check ins to eliminate work comp & liability audit headaches;

 B- Quarterly Check ins for new equipment and automobile purchases;

 2- Assist in developing working relationships with other general contractors and sub contractors for a network of construction compatibility.

3- Bonding Services;

 A- Assist in securing bid bonds and performance bonds;

 B- Bidding education that can effect future bonding capability and preparation.

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